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Serving Metro ATL & Greater Los Angeles

Dyan Edwards


My mission is to redefine excellence in the real estate market while fostering inclusivity and empowerment for all. I am dedicated to providing exceptional service and expertise to clients seeking luxurious properties, ensuring their dreams become a reality.

Beyond the opulence, I am committed to making a positive impact on society by equipping and educating buyers from marginalized communities. I am striving to break down barriers, providing equal opportunities and personalized support, as I believe everyone deserves to experience the pride of homeownership.


I focus on building Personal Connections with my clients and sellers

Clients Served

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Driven by my core values of family and community, I will go above and beyond to build lasting relationships and create a sense of belonging for each client. My approach to real estate is rooted in integrity, transparency, and empathy, ensuring that every decision I make is in the best interest of those I serve.

I am dedicated to not only securing magnificent homes for my clients  but also to helping them leave  a legacy of generational wealth. By empowering my clients with knowledge and resources, I help them make informed decisions that will positively impact their families for years to come.



(818) 918-1700